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In a world where data is the new oil, new technologies are being integrated an increasingly exponential rate in our daily lives. To become successful leaders of tomorrow students of today need a profound understanding of the digital world.

The Summer Coding Bootcamp was developed on the one hand, to meet the high demand for technology courses at the HSG, and on the other hand aims to give students a comprehensive introduction to the field. Over the course of two intense weeks, students will immerse themselves into into the different aspects of current technology.

Python will be the programming language of the course

You will learn about:

These technologies have been selected for their importance in shaping today's world.

Internet of Things

Interact, automate and optimize your physical environment with sensors and code.

Web Development

Always wanted to create an app for your new startup? Reach everybody through the web.

Crypto & Blockchain

Blockchain applications are changing the way we do things in groundbreaking and unforseen ways. Understand how this works and apply it to problems you are facing.

AI & Machine Learning

Learn what your data is telling you and use it to improve your projects.


Applications & Eligibility

The course is only open to Bachelor & Master Students at the University of St. Gallen at the moment. Unfortunately, due to capacity restrictions, we cannot offer it to the PhD levels yet.


Fees are CHF 99 for the two weeks. This includes the programme and workshops for the 10 days

Applications are now Closed. Results on 31. May 2018

Alberto Bacchelli

Alberto will be your teacher for the class. He is a professor at the University of Z├╝rich teaching Empirical Software Engineering. His current research is focused on improving the software development process through data driven decisions.

The Team

The SHSG Summer School is developed and organized by the board of the Student Union of the University of St.Gallen and its team. The Chairmen for IT and Representation of Interests head the Organization Committee consisting of seven members.

The Student Union works on a voluntary basis. The same applies on the SHSG summer school. As a non-profit project none of the team members receives any monetary compensation for its work. We are dedicated to the benefit of the University of St.Gallen and its students.

Our Supporters


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Workshop Sponsors

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